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    Our story

    Why we started Senzaprints?

    Senzaprints team

    Our journey began with our own experiences. As seasoned designers, we noticed that the environments where we worked often consisted of boring walls. Something that didn't really inspire us.

    We started thinking about what could be changed, in order to create an inspiring and motivating environment. We are reminded of our goals with one glance every day.

    That's how Senzaprints was born. Senza means "without" in Italian. Because we believe that every person who wants to start daily full of energy and inspiration, cannot do without these motivational works of art. At least that is our experience that we would like to share with you

    Our designers come from different and diverse backgrounds, giving you a unique blend of artwork mix. From the Netherlands to Italy. They live everywhere. And our customers: They live worldwide. Our designs know no boundaries and are intended for everyone.

    We believe in originality, durability and quality. That is why we have our unique artworks made on sustainable canvas prints. Of high museum quality and high-quality finish.

    Surprise yourself or a loved one with our inspiring message. What are you waiting for :)



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